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My name is Sharon and I believe urban homemaking is an art, a job and a science. My studio/office/laboratory is a small apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

allowme* began as a business idea: allow me to help decorate, allow me to help organize, entertain, etc. But I never took the plunge. I love living in New York and loving it well can be damn expensive. I like to cook, but I also like going to fancy restaurants.  So I kept my day gig.

allowme now means “allow me to share.” It’s a place to peek at home-centered living in a city where you can either make your own Bobby Flay brunch or hop the subway to his place. (O.k., maybe not HIS PLACE, because you could get arrested, but at least to one of his restaurants.) Here you’ll find a smorgasborg of decorating inspiration, organizing tips, cooking experiments and urban outings, plus the occasional country weekend getaway.  So welcome to my side gig. Thanks for “allowing me” to share.


*The lower-case “a’’ in allowme is intended. I think the letters look stylin’ that way.