well this sucks …

So you’ve heard of tribute bands, yeah? So this is a tribute wail of pain post.

It’s the end of an era over at Young House Love, the blog that launched a thousand home-improvement projects. In case you haven’t had the pleasure, for seven years John and Sherry Petersik — first as newlyweds and then as a growing family — have been blogging pretty much daily about the triumphs and tears of renovating their first tiny ranch home in Richmond, Virginia, followed by a slightly bigger one after the birth of their first child and finally a somewhat grand (for a suburban cul-de-sac) two-story Southern brick charmer.

We’ve seen time-lapse video of Sherry obsessively arranging tchotchkes on a mantle, John tackling his first solo demo job in an almost doll-sized bathroom all the way through turning a down-at-heel sun room into a veranda worthy of, well, Veranda the magazine.

Then their son Teddy arrived and let’s just say it: the second kid changes everything. Suddenly it’s no more “hubby will take the toddler while Mommy whips out 1,000 words about reorganizing the pantry,” and more like “Mommy’s covered in the toddler’s finger paint while changing the baby’s dirty diaper and Daddy’s busy holding the book editor at bay while several thousand clamoring Internet readers are becoming increasingly miffed that their expected 10 a.m. blog fix may not show up until noon or HORROR OF HORRORS maybe not even ’til tomorrow and oh my God does this mean I have to WORK straight through the morning?!?!?¬†I fully admit to being part of the clamoring hoard.

A month ago they took a break, and in the immortal words of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, I kinda figured it was just a hop, skip and a week to a break-UP. The hatchet was delivered in my gmail inbox this morning when I rolled over to engage in that oh-so-millennial wake-up phone check for A) charming Facebook posts that popped up overnight or B) email fire bombs from work likely to have torched my desk by the time I arrive at the office.

The YHL announcement that our favorite DIY diehards are pulling the plug on their public life was a most unwelcome nail in the coffin.

Oh well, things suck change and we move on. I wanted to at least acknowledge their passing here as a way of sharing my sadness with the blogosphere and, for those who hadn’t been fans, clue you in to the John & Sherry archives that they’re keeping alive for any of us that need info on a how-to IKEA hack that really does end up looking like beautiful built-ins (see here and here).

At least I have my John & Sherry memorial lampshades to remember them by:


More on those to come.

So farewell, my not-quite-imaginary friends. For those of you looking for a fresh voice to fill the void, check out my gal pal Chloe and her paintbrush-wielding co-conspirator Eli over at Little House Big City. Anybody got a Kleenex another blog-void-filling suggestion?

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