quick post: bettering the boudoir

My blog pal Chloe over at littlehousebigcity.com recently proclaimed that getting a real bed made her a real grown-up. Well, kids, here’s a peek at what’s goin’ on Chez Sharon:





Yep, I just knocked off one of my longest standing “to-do” items. Been on the list since about 2006, give or take. (Not kidding.) Naturally, Scout was anxious to be the first to test it out. More deets on the long search and amazing deal I got as the bedroom comes back together.

Ya’ll up to anything exciting in the bedroom? Remember, comments are moderated!  ;)

4 thoughts on “quick post: bettering the boudoir

    • Thanks! I plan on reworking the art and lampshades for some contrast. I ADORE those blue/green colors throughout my space, but don’t want to go overboard into Miss Matchy-Matchy land! (I was a little surprised the headboard was that close a shade to the lamps!) xo. S.

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