let’s lean OUT

Anybody else out there wanna “Lean OUT?” I mean, this weekend I cleaned the tree pits outside my building. (Note to self: order mulch.) And it was great. I got outside. I talked to my neighbors. I gave some guy advice about his houseplants.  I’ve no idea why every woman is supposed to be so hot to “Lean In” to work as Sheryl Sandberg urges. I’d rather be working on this:

rhubarb pie

I recently picked up a copy of Anna Quindlen’s 1998 book  “Living Out Loud,” a compilation of New York Times columns she wrote from home when her kids were little. Before I wrapped it up to give to a friend, I flipped open to a random page. It was about nesting. About the strong desire to bake pies and change sheets and … well, have kids, but that’s irrelevant to me.

My point is, I LOVE nesting, especially in spring. I could spend the next five months working on the roof garden, picking plastic bags out of trees around the block (I grabbed one yesterday with the building porter, a ladder and a tall-shelf grabby thing borrowed from the hardware store) and making fruit pies from whatever fruit is most ready to be picked that month. Rhubarb, anyone?

Anyway, a potentially great thing about this blog is the chance it might inspire me (and maybe a reader?) to nest more. So without further ado, here’s my master to-do list to make my nest the best it can be:

Living Area:
Clean, caulk, polyurethane (or paint) baseboards
Get couch cleaned
Reupholster rocking chair seat in cream-colored leather
Add art to walls
Clean and buff wooden built-ins under window sill

Dining Area:
Sand borders of yellow cabinet so door closes properly
Refurbish dining table leaves

Fix grout along entryway baseboard
Paint kitchen corner a brighter yellow
Caulk baseboard near refrigerator
Clean and polyurethane wood panels at end of cabinets

Retile floor in white penny tile
Regrout wall tiles
Caulk top of tiles along window sill
Recaulk tub
Replace toilet



Get a real bed!
Replace lampshades
Make cornice and curtains for window
Stencil initials in silver gallery frames
Refinish cedar chest made by Uncle Jim
Replace window sill with Carrera marble
Replace wire hangers
Remove paint splashes from floor
Buy stack component for washer and dryer
Regrout tile in front of laundry closet door

Replace outlets throughout apartment with pure white

So I’m curious to hear from y’all. Am I the only one who would rather be caulking and making pies and hand-making birthday presents than working 50 hours a week?? Lemme know!

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